931Lyfe: GOT A-HEAD

After months of messing around, frustration, tools being thrown around, and other misadventures, February 18th, 2018, marks the day I reached the halfway-point in this entire endeavour to get this car running. THE HEAD IS OUT!!!


The bores show signs of water being in them for a while and the pistons are all in generally good shape. Some filing here and there will smooth out the high ridges to prevent detonation. What’s even more surprising is that the head on the car might not even be the original one.

If you look at piston #2 (second on the right), there’s some light valve marks on it that are gonna be filed out lightly. When my friend (the 924/931 guru) and I looked at the head, there wasn’t any signs that the valves on this head were the cause, nor was there any damage on this head. Our conclusion was that someone had f’ed up the timing previously (interference engine), ruined the last head, slapped this one on, and one thing led to another to cause a bad headgasket at some point. The pistons had milkshake on them that cleaned up nicely and excess coolant was sopped up.

The next step is to disassemble the head, clean it up and freshen it up for reinstallation over the course of the next month. This is progress and success unlike anything I’ve ever felt before!


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