I’ve found a big one in the electrical system after returning from California, I think. Disconnected the battery that’s only a couple months old, put it on trickle charge and let it sit for 18 hours, measured 12v, and connected it back to the car only to get a 6v reading minutes later after trying to turn on the lights after replacing the rear tail light bulbs but that may be because the cause of the drain is too much to light up the bulbs. I thought I’d just finish installing the proper fittings to the fuel pump and then it would start but now it’s something I’ve never dealt with.

So I’ve got an intense parasitic battery drain coming from who knows where in this car that’s come from nowhere that’s preventing me from cranking the engine or even turning it to “ON”. I have no idea what I’ve gotten myself into with this car, or how to read wiring diagrams, but this is proving mentally challenging and stressing because I’m a bit lost on what to do.