931Lyfe: Hiccups and Setbacks

The fuel lines and injectors save for the one to the cold-start valve (broken banjo bolt), and vacuum lines and hoses are back are in. The problem with having a rare low-production car is that some parts are NLA(No Longer Available). As such, I’ve run in to a few hiccups with fortunate solutions.

Part #4 is the NLA part.

The first was a small tear found in the hose that connects the waterpump to the t-stat housing (#4) .....That’s an NLA part. Fortunately, I’ve got a good acquaintance with a contact at PCNA and he was able to find a few and will be shipping me one soon.

The second problem was the boot for the charge pipe->turbo (8A and 32) was missing since day one and I just now noticed. These are also NLA, so I’ve ordered a silicone hose and t-bolt clamps to replace what cannot be had.

After these parts arrive and are installed, we’ll do a pressure check of the cooling system, and if the green light is given, give the engine it’s first start!

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