I swear on my life I will never discount the use of a torch of any kind ever again as long as I can wrench. 5 minutes of MAP torching on a bolt I failed to remove with an electric impact gun and breaker bar finally got it out after two months of complaining that there was no way a torch could fit.....And it did fit rather awkwardly.

As you can see on the exhaust diagram. I’ve removed all the bolts at the red arrow from the top end of the downpipe-exhaust manifold connection. Once I get the last two Allen bolts at the green arrow, I can set the motor to TDC, remove the timing belt, head bolts, and lift the head itself out to have it machined and a new gasket put in. While that’s done, I can go through the cooling system and make sure it isn’t leaking and switch out the water pump.

But while I was celebrating my victory, I found this.....


Shoddy bodywork.....But it’s the best excuse to repaint the car’s exterior. Screw 100% originality now. So I need to find a new fender because I’m not screwing with screwed up bodywork, and decide what color. Because I have a friend that can get me PPG paint in modern MOPAR colors, I’m set on Destroyer Grey:


That said, I have no other ideas or places I can get paint that come to mind so if anyone has any VW/Audi/Porsche colors that come to mind, lemme know.