I thought changing my aged and very worn out distributor cap and rotor would fix my problems. It didn’t.

Installed it before work today. Made my dad and myself peanut butter sandwiches. As I drove to work, the car just lost all power and the rpms dropped as I rolled down a small decline on my usual route. Pulled over to the side. FRAK!! -_-

I was fortunate to be the recipient of another act of kindness, as a man from Missouri helped me push my car into the driveway of a somewhat nice family who were seemingly confused by the situation even when I explained my plight. The kind sir also gave me a ride to work.

Because this is clearly something I cannot diagnose from my house now, I’m having it towed to my favorite shop (Munks) so I can work on it tomorrow and see if I can fix it with their help and tools and expertise. Tow should be here in 60 minutes.


That makes a total 6 times the 944 has failed me, and a record twice in less than a week. I'm not deterred though. This is a dream car of mine, and I won't let this stop me!!