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944 is down....again

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Mark that 4 times within a month the car has broke down on me(It doesn’t really bother me the number of times, rather the frequency and timing). Went for a 3-mile run, mowed the lawn, washed the car, and got ready for class and into the car, only to turn the key, and only hear the sound of the engine crank. At least this time it was in my driveway and not somewhere else, and I think I know what caused this...


When I changed out my speed and reference sensors, instead of going with the original proven Bosch sensors, I only had the money for the “cheaper” BMW-used sensors. I was forewarned that they last a lot less than the Bosch sensors and it is unknown how long they last, as each set is different. I went with them anyways. and the fact that I’m getting no tach bounce points to this being a potential cause.

They did last me maybe 100 miles though? But if that is indeed the cause, I won’t be able to go to the Euro-only car show I’d been planning on going to for the last 2 months....Oh well. When I get home in about 4 hours after class, I’ll see if the car will fire up at all. It’s gonna be another night to relieve stress with fattening Chinese takeout.


If there’s any solace in this, it wasn’t my Fezza gloves that caused this, damn Bimmer sensors... -_-

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