So my 944 popped a tire today. It wasn't a "blowout" just a gradual de-inflation of the tire. I should've known for the fact that the car was making a ticking noise that was tire rotation sensitive but for some reason early-morning Mathias didn't think anything of it. Turned out to be a very large nail or screw in my tire that spelled it's death (visible in the picture below by the top).

I missed two of my classes at school because of it and I paid a shop like 13 bucks (I limped it there because I wasn't about to stop on the very tight two lane highway I was on in NYC to change it with no power tools) to swap the wheel out. Lesson learned always carry my impact wrench with me regardless of what car I'm in (I always have it in my ML).

So I have a few questions now, since I bought this set of wheels off craigslist with these nearly new tires, is it OK for me to just order one to replace the punctured one? Of course, same brand/model of tire. I really don't want to have to order 2 new or 4 new ones just because I punctured this one. I have another set of the same wheels but this set is staggered so this little incident gives me an incentive to swap the tires over to the staggered set. Question number two is, seeing this red spare made me really like how it looks in contrast to the blue color of the car. It sort of makes me want to paint my other (staggered) set of 7-slots this shade of red and paint the lettering on the tires to give it that old-school look. Thoughts?

Some more pics below. What's amazing to me that in my groggy morning-ness I started to feel the tire go gradually and I thought it was my steering or something up front that was failing, because it felt like I had to steer each of the front wheels individually somehow, and the car was sliding all over the place. It got to the point where I knew something was wrong and I pulled to the right lane and got off at the next exit and I am glad I did because I surely saved the rim that it was ob by stopping then.