It’s now been almost a week since I purchased XJDano’s Metro for a trifling. We spent day 1 swapping transmissions to one that mostly works right (it doesn’t like to downshift into 2nd or 1st). Since it still has a valid Missouri license plate, and I’m within the 7-day window where I can retroactively buy insurance if I hit somebody, I decided to take it for one last spin as a street car today. Apparently, uofime spotted me. I knew we worked in the same general area, but it’s still amazing what a small world it can be. I had enough time to stop and take a few pictures of it too.

It’s like a car, only smaller!

So, what am I going to do next to the Metro? First I need to take off the front bumper, and see if I can figure out a safe way to attach a generic tow bar to it. I have no intention to register or insure this car. They make Metro specific attachments for tow bars, but those would blow my meager budget. Once that sorted, I may make a “crash bumper” out of electrical conduit or gas pipe, depending on how fancy I’m feeling.

I may also paint the hood, not because I care how it looks, but because my daughter keeps rubbing her hands on it and getting them all dirty. Once that is all sorted, it’ll be time to pack it away for the winter. There is precisely two inches of clearance to spare between my garage and my neighbor’s fence. I think I’ll stick it back there for the winter, so my wife doesn’t have to look at it as much (she HATES it). XJDano had the foresight to put fuel stabilizer in it, when he filled up the tank one last time. I’ll stick the battery on the tender, and await next year’s rallycross season. I have a feeling this is going to be a looooooong winter for me.



EDIT: Oh yeah, I might take it ice racing this winter. That would be fun too!