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981 Cayman S vs 987 Cayman S-T

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So yesterday was TNIA at Lime Rock Park, my first ever time driving LRP and my first time at a track I haven’t driven without an instructor. It didn’t go well the first session lol I mean it was fine but I had no idea what lines to take and I was all over the damn place. Session 2 went much better but I was still struggling a bit on turn 1 and 2 and the stupid uphill.

Finally session 3 I got to follow this 987 Cayman S with a Turbo. I have a 981 Cayman S with a cobb tune. He knew the track so I just followed him the best I could and Holy Hell it was amazing. I really kept up mostly, was consistent, and FAST (ish). Never got to follow such an equal car for so long before. Can't say I much like LRP though compared to Palmer, but this was my best track experience so far. 

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