There are two types of car enthusiast posters online. People who talk about driving, and people who actually drive. The 996 epitomizes that. People who talk about driving bash the 996 - look at those headlights, it's water cooled - not air cooled. But then, those that actually drive realize that they cannot see the headlights from the driver's seat, and the 996 is still rear-weight biased, so adding two small radiators in the front of the car barely affects the weight balance (and make the car closer to the 50/50 bias talkers claim is so optimal). And how many air/oil cooled cars are still for sale? None? So why is the 996 so hated on forums when the NEW BEETLE is just about as far away from the original Beetle as possible? So bash the 996 for being water cooled (unlike 0% of new cars) and having ugly headlights - haters have proven their understanding of cars when the prioritize that over power to weight ratio, handling, factory support, aftermarket support, race heritage, etc.