Not my pic, just a beautiful one I found.

I was sleeping so well this morning. Then my wife got up to use the bathroom at 5:20am and the dogs started whining. Sigh. Looked at my clock/weather station and it was 53F out. I’m kinda pissed to be up. I need to catch up on my sleep.

There’s a donut shop that’s about 20mi away that we never get anything from because they are only open 3 days a week for 5hr a day, and they sell out fast. Well, I’m awake, the weather is beautiful, and I’ve got a car I can put the top down on, heat up, hat on and enjoy the sun rise.


Made a cup of coffee for the Contigo travel mug (the only way to have a drink in a 996), fed the dogs and let them out, put the wind deflector in the back on the car, and went for a drive. I love my Porsche. It sounds great, has great power and handling, is comfortable, and doesn’t have a single touchscreen in it. It’s just old school and simple. Nothing distracts, no screen showing me text messages, maps, radio stations, nothing. Just me and the open air, sun coming up, and the drive.

Donuts were damn good too. The family was happy to wake up to them. I was happy to start the day with a flat 6.

Should you find yourself in seacoast New Hampshire looking for a good local donut...

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