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Got a call from the site I ordered a single Federal 195/80R15 tire from. They tell me there was a mix up on the site, so they cancelled my order - but they were still shipping the tire out and it would be here in a few days. Checked the site later and the tires are listed as out of stock.


A couple days pass, and I get an email saying payment was refunded. And now literally NOBODY in the U.S. has these tires in stock. FML. This is not the first time this has happened to me when finding tires, or even the second time. These were literally the only tires in this size “available” in the U.S. - nothing wider is going to fit. I’m going to try calling the distributor to see if they will be sending any more out in the future, but this may just be another tire size Americans aren’t allowed, while the rest of the world gets everything good.

PS: before anybody tries to help, I was specifically searching for all-terrain tires for the Baja Saab project. I don’t need any help sourcing tires in the stock sizes, I got plenty of those.

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