Jersey Ben and Die-Trying for the win. (See results below.)

Ben called the reserve-not-met, and Die-Trying came closest to calling what folks would actually bid.

Ben and Die-Trying, shoot me an email to claim your prizes.

Jersey Ben: Reserve will not be met.
Fly Norcal: Crack Price.
Kiltedpadre: $17.5k, but reserve will not be met.
BlueMazda2: $24,500
Sam Stoner: $23,500
BvdV: $22,250
Maxima Speed: $21,900
Ms. Mercedes: $21,701
Tristan: $19,500
gmporschenut: $18,225
Pip Bip: $15,800
Takuro Spirit: $15,500
itschrome: $13,754
Die-Trying: $11,100
Manwich: $2
Chuck 2(O=[][]=O)2: $1
PartyPooper2012: $1