What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

On today’s edition of Help Me Pick My New Car, we’ve got a doozy:

I live in a city and parking sucks. I want to find a car that I can put 4 adults in, will behave well at speed on the highway, but won’t be a PITA to park in my relatively tight parking spot. For scale, an A4 is probably too big.


The default choice is a Golf, and if I have to I will, but I only want to pick that if there’s no other choice, because that’s too easy and I’m a special snowflake, ya hear?

There’s lots of compact touring cars with “4" seats, but we all know those back seats are in-name-only, so they’re really 2-seaters and don’t count.


Denizens of Oppo, can you help?

Edit, 27 Jan:

Big thanks to everyone for the help. Our list at the moment is going to include:


1. Das Golf
2. Mini 5-door and maybe a Countryman (didn’t know the 5-door existed til yesterday!)
3. BMW 1er 5-door
4. BMW 2er coupe (gotta see about those rear seats)
5. An Audi A3 Sportback or Sedan, cause the sedans are somethin’ cute I tell you what.

Unfortunately, my trust fund manager told me the Rolls was out of my budget, and also that I don’t have a trust fund, and who was I and why was I in his office? So I think that fell off the list.


Big thanks again and I’ll let y’all know what ends up being the winner.

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