I convinced a friend of mine to buy a $30,000 car just so I could write about it. I'm joking, of course - but I'm glad he ended up buying the car because it is awesome.

The Story

I was looking through cars for sale the other day, as I'm sure the most of you enjoy doing…but this time it was to actually buy something. Not for myself (I wish), but for a friend. It's definitely not the same as buying something for yourself, but if anyone I know is wanting to buy a car - especially something fun, then count me in! I will be more than overjoyed to help.

I found a 2005 Mercedes CL65 AMG that looked pretty good and without a lot of hesitation my buddy jumped on it. He liked it instantly. With only 69K miles, this car was in such good shape, I was blown away. It only had two previous owners and when we went to see the car, I literally could not find a single imperfection on the exterior. And I looked hard.


The best part was that it was only $30K....9 years later, the price dropped from $180K new to $30K.

I have never experienced a car sale quite like this. The owner, SW, of the Elite Motorsports where my friend bought the car from is really well known in the car community in Austin, Texas and for treating his customers really well. SW has tons and tons of cars and does some crazy things - like modifying a Gallardo to produce over 1600 hp. It's crazy.


But this time, he took customer service to a whole new level. He fixed the car for free when a couple things weren't working - no questions asked! He had no reason to, of course - when you're buying a used car you typically just buy the condition it comes in, right? I'm pretty sure there was nothing in the contract that said "the car will be perfect before you buy it...or we will fix everything on this used car that is broken."

He sold the car for a good price and he fixed stuff. Amazing.


Oh, he also had his team detail the crap out of it. It looked brand new.

This is a lot of car for the money

Generally people (like our co-workers) thought that the car was much newer than it is. For many of them it was the first time for them to lay their eyes on a CL65 AMG. Me too....I think. I may have seen one before, but I can't remember.


People were definitely shocked to see a gigantic V12 producing over 700 lb-ft or torque and were really impressed with the quality of the interior quality considering the car's age.


I loved all the features and the buttons and all the cool stuff they did.

Maybe in today's world these features won't impress anyone, but if you put yourself back in 2005, think of all the cars that existed back then. An auto-dimming rear view mirror was a mind-blowingly awesome feature! Right? And a 6-CD in-dash changer? Unthinkable!


With that mindset, take a look at some of the features on the CL65 AMG. Now remember..this is a 2005 model.

  1. Seat massager - after all that torque and power, this will help you relax
  2. A seat that is heated AND cooled!
  3. Pushing a button to open your trunk - AND pushing a button to close it
  4. Rain sensing Adjustable speed wipers
  5. Adaptive cruise control - they had this 2005? I guess so.
  6. Adjustable suspension height - raising and lowering at the push of a button.
  7. Many others, but I don't want to bore with a laundry list of features.

I felt compelled to demonstrate some of the features below.

I was driving a 1997 Pontiac at the time this car came out and I remember being excited just to able to adjust my side view mirrors from the inside. What can I say? I'm easily impressed.


So I'm sure my mind would indeed have been blown had I been in one of these cars 9 years ago.

But even now, the car seems great. The interior is solid with hardly any rattles at all. The seats were great with great support - you could tell that this car had been very gently driven and hardly sat in really. The Biturbo V12 is as strong as ever - even for a car weighing 4600 lbs!


As great as the car is, I made sure to tell my friend to sell it before too long to avoid having to fix something super expensive. Let's cross our fingers and hope that doesn't happen anytime soon!


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