A 4th of July wrenching victory!

So my 98 Lexus LS400 has been sitting dejected on Jack stands for too long. A kind Redditor on r/mechanicadvice pointed me toward checking the crankshaft position sensor out. Since its really easy to remove, just 1 10mm bolt and a connector, I dug it out. Tested the resistance and it was over 2100ohms, Google tells me it should fall between 835-1400ohms. So I swapped it with the sensor out of my 97 LS (tested at 1100ohms) and SHAZAM! Idled and revved to the moon for 15 minutes with no issues. Ordered a new Denso OEM sensor from amazon which should be here on saturday. I just really want to drive my car. Hope you all are having a great 4th of July, time to crack open a Modelo and do some grillin. Heres some dirty engine pics for your time;


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