First, I notice the upholstery on the driver’s seat of my car is peeling. I am taking it to the dealership after work Thursday and so help me if they try to say it’s not a warranty fix, I’ll probably lose my mind.

Then, I get a large Diet Dr. Pepper from McDonald’s (save your food/drink lectures) and spill its entire contents in my back floorboard as I’m getting out of the car at home. Thank God for my Husky Liners floor mats, I suppose.

And now, I feel a huge headache coming on. Just peachy!

I know, I know. “First world problems.” Still annoying. Oh, and I have to go to the sleep doctor (Who knew there was a such thing as a sleep doctor?) on Monday. I have almost every single symptom of sleep apnea. Fun times! Not.

Pics of my seat for your time:



It’s at the bottom of the driver’s seat. No idea why it is doing that. I haven’t done anything to the seat or cleaned it with any harsh chemicals. I also don’t scoot around on it where my belt would hurt it. I’m not too happy considering the car just passed four-months-old and 4,100 miles.