My dad’s 2005 Chrysler 300C dropped a valve seat, and they’re saying it needs a new engine. He was planning to drive it for another year then get something new, but this is probably going to change his plans a little.

The 300 has 193k on it but has never missed a beat. This is literally the first thing to ever go wrong with that engine. It’s a shame, I was hoping he would get to do one more spark plug change, it would put him over 100 plugs used in the life of the engine.

So now he either has to buy an engine for it (Dodge dealer quoted $10k installed for a new one, I’m sure he could do better elsewhere) or buy a new car. He’s looking at engines right now, since he would have no problem driving the car three more years if need be. That or he’ll buy a newer 300C and we’ll have to figure out what to do with his ‘05.

The problem this presents to me, if he changes the engine, is that now I’ve got a possibly rebuildable 5.7 hemi and a ‘64 Barracuda that it would fit in. The new hemi actually has the same bolt pattern for the transmission that the old LA small blocks do, so aside from maybe needing a spacer my A833 should bolt up to it. That might almost be too much engine for that’s definitely too much engine for the stock rear end, so an 8 3/4 rear would need to find its way in there as well.

But I should probably worry about getting the Barracuda here first. 7 days, the countdown is on!