a bangin' stereo for me tunes

As you can see, I’ve done absolutely nothing to the outside of my car, and that’s because I’ve spend my whole 300 quid on exactly what a 17 year old wants, a bangin’ stereo for me tunes

So I got a quote from the local Car Toys, it was ~$550 for the cheapest possible headunit, 4 speakers and install.

So I went to Amazon and Crutchfield and pieced together my own cheapest possible option for the same headunit, better speakers, an underseat powered sub, and all the wiring and adapters to make it all fairly plug and play for $219.62.


Laid it all out, checked it was all there, then moved on to wiring the headunit to stock wiring adapter.

on of the best $5 I spent on amazon was this little soldering robot holder man. Two extra hands makes things so easy.


So that all works, and fading and balancing things around confirms I wired it all correctly.


The sub took a brief bit of wiring soldering/connecting, but mostly it was just a hassle getting all the wiring run through the firewall and hidden under carpet and through plastic pieces.


Then rip off the door panels, and the rear parcel shelf and bolt in the replacement speakers. 4 screws each and zip zop zap, all done.

So now I have bluetooth, I let my itunes play random and Portishead came up during my commute, which was a good test for the tiny 8 inch sub, it did surprisingly well.


price so far?

purchase: $1000

Emissions: $25

Licence/Title/Taxes: $125-ish

Bluetooth headunit, 4 speakers, and parts to install them: $128.67

Powered underseat sub and install kit: $90.95

Wipers: $33 (after rebates)

Summer/Winter Tyre swap: $40

Running total: ~$1442.62

Labour so far?

~2365462543 hours cruising craigslist

~4 hours doing the interior cleaning

~3 hours doing the radio nonsense

Running total: 2365462550 hours

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