Before I moved I was “gifted” a nice pressure washer and air compressor. Since everyone cancelled on our riding trip today (3 wheeler guys can be flakey at times) I figured I’d pressure wash my deck.

Failed. No pressure. Someone left water in it over the winter and killed the unloader. Ok, $30 on Amazon and I’ll be good for next week.

On to the compressor.

Hey! It works! Why can’t I get air?? Wtf?!

Bad regulator. Frozen shut. I got this though. Swap an old one on and viola!

Now to drain the tank. Crap. It’s full of mud. That brown puddle on the ground near it isn’t water it’s rust sludge. So now I’m flushing it as best I can to keep it alive.


Fine.. On to the riding mower that I just got running. I know it just needs gas.


Oh, fu—ing lovely.

Screw it. Time to light the Grill and drink some beers.