This past weekend's Real Drivers video covers Marty Irion's Beetle Turbo, a white-on-white-on-white, Stage 3, K04-powered car that was a pleasure to film and an interesting car to discuss. True, it shares a lot of its engine and drivetrain with the GTI - but it's also an untested platform for which custom-fabricated components and one-off accessories define the story of the build.

Beetles are polarizing cars. Previously, this meant that the Beetle was loved by the people who bought them and filled them with flowers, and mocked by everyone else. But with the face lifted 2012 version, with its more 911-esque roofline and aggressive front-end design, the car - particularly in Turbo guise - has arguably moved into the territory of the GTI, and with that comes some interesting stories from enthusiast owners like Marty who are amongst the first to dive into the task of modifying a car that - for a long time - was forgotten in the performance world.