A.....*better* bike idea

Follow up to my last post about the discount Z125 - They sold the last one as I was driving there. Walked in, and the salesguy told me they were finishing paperwork on it. Then fate strikes and I am now buying a 2019 grom w/ ABS for about 100$ less than the Z125. I’m just as confused as you.

Apparently someone bought it at the beginning of the month but didn’t ride it much and wanted a bigger bike so they traded it in. Since it was used there was no dock fee or prep fee. Just tax and plate. So OTD I’m under 2600 while the Z125 would’ve ended up being over 2700. I see now why the Z125 and some of the groms aren’t selling if they retail for 3000+ and then you tack on the other fees.


Anyways, gonna get insurance tonight and pick it up on saturday and then do dank whoolies everywhere. Maybe sell it at the end of summer to break even thanks to saving on gas. 

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