Some good quotes from the article:

From a press release issued Tuesday: "Sen. Brandes' motivation behind the legislation is a desire to adjust speed limits to be more in line with actual driver behavior. If adopted, traffic engineers would be able to extend the maximum allowable speed on some roadways to 75 miles per hour if determined that the roadway was safe enough for such a speed."

"While I had some early reservations to adjusting speed limits, my study of the research from the 17 other states that have already increased their speed limits above 70 miles per hour led me to believe that it is time for Florida to review this policy," Brandes said. "This legislation allows traffic engineers to make the decision to raise the speed limit on a roadway if they believe it is safe and advisable to do so."…

Looking back at this year, Utah added more 80 mph zones because it made its Interstates safer and lawmakers from Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and now Florida all want 75 mph maximum speed limits. Or in Michigan's case, even 80 mph. Notice a trend? It's because that's what people drive comfortably on Interstates that aren't congested. Expect enforcement of these new limits to be tighter since they are more reasonable speed limits.


Nice seeing our lawmakers wanting to raise our speed limits to match global standards. Did you know India, China, Brazil, and other less-developed countries than ours have 75 mph (converted from 120 km/h) maximum speed limits? Yup, about time we raise ours...


Also thought I'd mention today a lawmaker in Pennsylvania proposed a 70 mph speed limit.