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A Bit Frustrated With My Camry

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So today after class, I planned to drive straight to my mechanic to see what that screeching/scrape noise was all about. I get into my car after class and turn the A/C on “HI”, and guess what? No air blowing out of the front vents.


What I mean by that is, I can hear the actual fan blowing as it should, but the air no longer comes out of the face vents. Air ONLY blows out of the windshield vents now. You can adjust the dial as much as you want, but other than a clicking inside the dash, it doesn’t do anything... So that’s just dandy.

Drove over to my mechanic and I tell him that the air no longer comes out of the face vents. He told me that it had something to do with the blender door being stuck (which probably explains the foam that started coming out of the vents, as you can see in the picture) and that the amount of money it would cost me to fix that, wouldn’t even be worth it, since the dash has to come out. I kinda figured it would be costly to repair, so now I have that to deal with....


That horrendous noise I was hearing was simply due to my rear brake pads being low. So no surprise there.

I’m going to get the rear pads/rotors done in a few days, but now have to deal with the frustration of air only blowing out of the windshield vents. Hopefully it magically fixes itself. :(

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