A bit higher than I expected

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I don’t have an apples-to-apples shot to compare, but this picture shows the new ride height pretty well. I decided on SRT-4 struts instead of coilovers for next season of rallycross. They add 1-2" of height when paired with the stock springs on a non-SRT-4 Neon due to the spring perch sitting higher. The struts are valved stiffer than the old ones so the car stays even flatter in the corners despite the increased ride height. The higher spring perch gives me more clearance for gravel tires, which will be arriving tomorrow. I had no idea what to buy, since I didn’t act fast enough for used rally tires. I got some IndySport FA gravel tires (Size 185/65 R15). Based on price and availability, the choice was made for me.


I’m not crazy about the higher center of gravity, but the alignment is fine and the extra ground clearance is nice insurance against things breaking. I can always swap in some lowering springs to bring it back to stock height, but I’ve been warned that it’s a little too stiff for rallycross.

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