I've come to find things I like (Overland culture, trail maintenance) and some things I really don't understand of off-road culture. One of these things is the prevalence, or need to dress up "tactically." Before I get into it, I will preface with that I am a "gun person." Interpret that how you like. I acknowledge that many servicemen and women drive off-road vehicles and from their time in the service, are used to a certain "style," if you will. (Thank you for your service!) That being said, I feel there is no need for anyone to wear an ACU or chest rig when out wheeling with friends and family or camping out in the backcountry for a month. Yes, your RTT and all your LEDs make you look OAF. Now please, stop. There's no enemy to fight, no operation to carry out. Just enjoy the silence, freedom, and space.

What does Oppo think?