A brief vent about work

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I love my job. I get to do lots of cool stuff with cool stuff in cool places. I’m generally very happy at work and a team player.


Over the last year and a half or so, pay has stagnated at my work while cost of living has increased and other better-paying jobs have become available elsewhere. It’s a government agency, so it takes an act of congress to get a raise. As a result, we’re 50% staffed. In that time, I’ve worked my ass off to make up for the lack of people and I haven’t complained. Recently, some positions have come up that offer double the pay for basically the same position I’m currently in, plus better benefits. I applied and interviewed, feeling confident that I’d get one of the two positions.

As I’m sitting here in Florida... for work... I get a call from my boss back in Oregon... AAAAAaaaannnnndddddd.... they offered the two positions to 2 people who have quit in the last year and a half. Fuck me for being loyal, amirite?!


Guess I’ll quit when I get home so I can get promoted.

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