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A/C Experts Assemble!

My Zetor Major 80 (a tractor) seems to be in need of a an A/C recharge, the vents blow very slightly cooler than ambient, which is less than ideal in mid-summer.... in any case, here’s the problem: I cannot find the damn low-pressure service port! I know its an r134a system, and that it takes 1.8lbs of coolant, I have found the high-pressure service port, but I cannot find the low-pressure port... I have followed the hoses as far as I can between the compressor, condenser, expansion tube, and cab with no sign of a low-pressure service port. I have opened the blower cover on the roof of the cab and can see where the hoses connect to the evaporator, but there’s no port there either...

Is it POSSIBLE that this system has no low-pressure service port, or am I just still not finding it? What says Oppo?


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