Was browsing around our local news site at lunchtime and ran across these A/C tips:


Argh! Such misinformation!

#1 - Added current when you restart the car? What? When you are holding the starter switch the fan is off! Acclimating to the outside air? Who cares?

#2 - uhh, it often rains here. If I see a forecast for no rain for 3 days I might leave my windows cracked but most of the time, nope.

#3 - Oh - open the doors and windows when you get back in the car because you don't want to leave the windows cracked? Okay, sure.


#4 - GM used to force the A/C compressor to cycle every time you started the engine. I don't know if other manufacturers do this or not but I don't think it's necessary at all. (edit - I mean their TIP isn't necessary, running the A/C periodically IS a good thing, but it's built in)

#5 - Okay, you don't live where it's actually hot, do you. Actually, I prefer to have windows open if it's between 60 and 80 but this is just a stupid recommendation. It's 95 degrees out - do you know how long it took me to get the interior cooled down?


And - they don't stop at 5 dumb recommendations - they continue on to "Recharge your system every 2-3 years". Well, if your system has a LEAK. Get the leak fixed!!!!!!!! Otherwise, yeah you are going to charge it periodically. My old '98 Buick has 250K on it and it's never been charged. I actually checked the pressures once a few years ago and it was right on. (my brother drives it now and it's still working properly)