No, that that measurement.

In short: I’m working on this racing sim setup, and am trying to figure out where to put the wheel. While the final placement will come down to “What Feels Right” it’d be nice to have somewhere to start.

Being that the only car I have access to right now to measure is my Crown Vic (not particularly sporting) I’m calling on you, Oppo, to lend a hand and maybe see some neat things.

Below, you will find a picture I lifted from google then botched in Paint to show the dimensions I’m looking for.


A: Vertical distance from the center of the steering wheel face (as in where the horn or airbag center is) to the floor of the car - the floor here I’m considering where your heel rests when driving.

B: Horizontal distance from the center of the gas pedal to the vertical line which comes down from the center of the steering wheel.


Post what your car is and the measurements if you’d like - hopefully this will give me a good idea as to where to start with getting this wheel oriented in space.

For those wondering, my 2002 P71 Crown Vic features an “A” Measure of 24" and a “B” Measure of, uh, also 24 inches. Interesting!