We don’t have a “black friday” in Mexico, but we do have a government sanctioned “Buen Fin” (Sanctioned by the government to avoid illegal scams) and most brands are susceptible to run ads for shit like this... a car that costs 442cents a day.

So, a car, an insurance, and a 25,000 pesos discount, seems like an interesting deal... but that price is so low.... until you check out what they hid in the fine print.

So, all of that fine print says that their anual interest rate is 27.7%... for a SIX year loan.


So... yeah... important to point out this is a legal “scam”

If you buy one of those FIAT’s with cash, it’ll set you back 186,000 MXN, or 9,240 USD. In the terms they calculate the cost of the car to be 192,240 MXN which is higher....In the end, six years later, you would’ve paid 396,100 MXN, which is 19,700 dollars!


Which buys you this, cash!


The Highline trim no less! THE FUCKING HIGHLINE TRIM.