I am sitting at work, waiting for Revit to open, so this is long...

I have now owned this 335xi for over 6 months, and I have put over 6,000km (3750miles) on it so far. This may not seem like a lot, but we don’t commute in it, so these are put on in fits and starts as we use it for errands or road trips.


Winter Tires. It was well above freezing, so I went for a drive with the windows down. And the active exhaust disconnected.

We (my spouse and I) have taken it on several road trips, and through a sever winter storm over Christmas (only a foot of snow, not like the recent snow the east coast has been getting). The car has performed very well through everything, although a build up of ice did finish off one of the springs on the headlight washer cover. Otherwise it passed 2 snowplows in the ditch on the way to Montreal, and kept on going.

The car gets decent fuel economy, averaging 12 L/100km (19MPG) around town and 7.2 L/100km (33MPG) on the highway. On long trips it will easily cover 800+ km (500 miles) on a single tank.

Photo from Yellowknife, NWT, Canada during the Summer Day.


This was a CPO car I bought when I still lived Yellowknife (NWT) because 5% sales tax beats 13% every day of the week. It took me, no joke, the better part of 2 years to find this car.

The day I picked up the car in Edmonton. Note the super clean E34 which chose to park next to us (friend drove me in the ST).


In YK I auto-X’d it, and we very impressed. The old SRT-4 was pretty quick, but suffered from heavy understeer. The 335i, even with AWD, is easy to rotate and with the optional (noisy) Pirelli PZero RFT, the car out handled everything else but an STI.

The car has a few suspension modifications, all done by the previous owner.The Dinan Ride and quality handling kit, and the Performance spring kit, as well as Koni Yellows all make the car ride a bit firmly, but overall the handling is worth the roughness over potholes.

Polar bear Licence Plate! Also Ramshackle houseboats!


It has been a relative easy six months, and I am looking forward to auto-X’ing this summer, as well as just general summer road tripping!