An engine can only sound so good. . .

This has set the bar very very high. Particularly the one in my pants...

My pants can only get so tight. . . probably cause I gained a few pounds over the last few weeks

I should probably post more videos of their V12, but the F1 car sounds so good!

What the hell! Moar Alfa V12.

This is a flat 12(which is still a V12, but whatever, I always have to point this out now cause there is always SOMEONE who has to tell me otherwise. I am looking at you! THAT'S RIGHT YOU!! YOU WANNA GO!?!?)

Don't know if the V12 in the F1 and the flat 12 in the 33tt12 are related at all, but that's okay we are only listening to them here. If any has info, please do explain.

Finally we have this masterpiece.


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