A Celebration of Pikes Peak and its Conquerors

As someone who loves the Pikes Peak race, and who misses the past but is absolutely amazed at Sebastien Loeb's run up the mountain yesterday. I truly believe that there are (at least) three kings of the mountain. Because you cannot directly compare the different eras... Each is different but all are amazing feats to be celebrated.


King #1 - All Dirt: Rod Millen and his ludicrous 10:04 run on an all dirt course in his insane Pikes Peak Celica (how insane you ask? it was a 2.1L engine that had been boosted beyond what anyone should ever attempt and that was converted to AWD from a FWD chassis).

King #2 - Mixed: Monster and his domination of the mixed dirt/pavement era, Monster Tajima OWNED this era.


King #3 - Paved: Then Loeb's utter destruction of the course and time records yesterday. Watching it live and then watching the replay, this run was technically near perfect. It was absurd how easy he made such a dangerous and treacherous course appear.

If you want to get into the different categories, the motorcyclists are a special brand of crazy and I'm sure that eventually an EV will approach Loeb's record. But Peugeot's entry was not your standard entry, this was a company who approaches LeMans with the intent to win. And this was a completely factory backed approach with an already legendary driver. The result is shocking, yet, at the same time, should not be that surprising given the level of commitment that went into this project.

Long live the king(s)!

this was originally posted in today's Morning Shift but I felt that the people of Oppo would appreciate it

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