Came across this article recently:

And what I gleaned from it is:

  • The Bolt won’t have charging as fast as Tesla. 240V charging and 9 hour charge times are standard equipment.
  • It has a 60kwh battery pack... which strongly suggests to me that a 200 mile range will be very attainable given that the Tesla Model S, a bigger car, got 208 miles with a 60kwh pack.
  • Their optional fast charging (likely Chademo) will be less than half as fast as Tesla’s Supercharger (90 miles of range with 30 min of charging). This means that Teslas will still have an advantage in that they can use both Supercharger stations and Chademo stations... and the Bolt can’t.
  • Confirmed it has great visibility (no surprise there) and not bad to drive
  • 0-60 in less than 7 seconds. Has a 200hp motor.
  • Supposed to cost around $30,000 after incentives/rebates. So it’ll probably have a no-incentive price in the high $30,000 range.

I’m excited about this vehicle. I don’t think it will put Tesla out of business. But it’s good to have some choice.

Now some questions remain... such as will Chevy dealers know how to sell it?