Hopefully your Christmas is as drifty as mine. ;) Today’s story doesn’t go back very far. In fact, it happened yesterday. And yes, there were alcohol units involved...

Now that my DC-10-50TI is online, I’ve decided to use my daily driver computer (a black polycarbonate 2008 MacBook, the DC-10 will be used only for gaming and anything else requiring oodles of graphical power) as a testbed for GTA and FSX mods on top of daily driver duties. The thing about freeware is that poorly coded freeware can kill your computer. It’s easier to bring my 2008 MacBook back to life than it is the DC-10.


Well, unless if I’m the one doing the killing...

Last night I had decided that I no longer needed Windows 7 on the MacBook. This computer only ran 10 and 7, no OS X. With the DC-10 being my new computing benchmark, I felt that having Windows 7 around was redundant.

Operator Error:

I took another swig of my second beer and booted into Windows 10 (1st mistake). I then opened up Disk Management and attempted to Expand my Windows 10 partition to take up 400GB. I decided the final 90 or so GB will be used for an OS X hacking project.


Upon being denied the ability to expand, I decided to just straight up delete the Windows 7 partition. With it gone, I tried once more to expand Windows 10. Denied.

I finished my second beer and got a genius idea: Set the unallocated space as Active.


I then uninstalled some other program and restarted the computer...missing OS error. No problem, my MacBook sometimes does that. Restart...missing OS. Well...

I wasn’t sober enough to figure out what I did wrong, so I put it away then went to sleep.


When I woke up this morning, it hit me what drunk me did. Thankfully that’s no big deal, right? I have both Windows 10 on bootable USB and two Windows 7 DVDs!

Well, my modded Mac was not fond of either device and would not boot either. Hmmm...I brought out my 2007 MacBook (white polycarbonate). I hacked its 32bit efi to allow installs of 64bit non-Apple OS.


The idea was that if I could get the 2007 to read either medium I’d just swap the hard drive, fix my partition issue, then swap back.


No vice.

It was then that I determined two things: Of the four Windows 7 DVDs I had two years ago, only one 32bit version would boot on the Macs and only one 64bit version would do the same. It appears I have discarded both DVDs. Oops.


And second, the Macs don’t know how to handle a Windows 10 USB.

No problem, I’ll just make a Windows 7 USB and as a last ditch, go Linux!

I’m paranoid about screwing things up so I’m basically pretending that the sweet SATA plugs of the DC-10 do not exist. I’m sure I can fix it using my available army of laptops.


In other news, I am crushing on someone! I met her at the jewelry counter of the local area Kohl’s. Omg she’s so cute and I’d totally take her on a super romantic date. <3 And like, an actual crush...not the stupid infatuation I had with that drug dealer when I met her.


I love being an adult with the hormones of a teenager.

In other other news, check out this McLaren P1 that I found abandoned at a checkout counter of a nearly completely wiped out Toys ‘R Us:


Happy Christmas all! ;)

I have no idea what I’m getting this year. The only things I want are the parts to finish my offroad smart, but my parents would not have any way to obtain those parts without screwing everything up. I don’t mind, I basically bought everything I wanted otherwise.


Back to drinking copious amounts of 312 beer and Mike’s...

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