Illustration for article titled A classmate committed suicide today.

This was extremely unfortunate to hear today. This is what I had to comment about it.


“Today’s incident further emphasized how suicide truly is not something to joke about, which should be taken to heart by all—including me.

To observe the relentless sobbing, to suffer from the depressing mood contained within the school walls... the matter was truly something to behold.

The anguish experienced by such a vast population exemplifies the selfishness of suicide, and how it is committed in vain.

To quote writer Malcolm Bosse, “let bygones be bygones”. That is, to say that what has been done is done, and cannot be changed.


Thus, we should all utilize this as a learning experience. If you are contemplating suicide, get help. Your world is filled with helpful people, who can benefit you for the better. I appreciate all of the efforts of my others to assist those affected by this horrifying situation.

To everyone, you are loved. You are cherished. Your existence, as it is, benefits the world through who you are.”


Photo of a Kia Stinger GT included, because cars = happy, at least for me.

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