A Comic's Perspective (current events)

The FP post about the Jeff Davis highway reminded me of a post from a comedian friend of mine:

Scooter dude safety image.

A while back, Steve Bob Forrest, (a comic I know) said on Facebook:

“Confederate flag pride argument is stupid. I’m from the South, that’s not the best representation of it. Change the flag to a picture of a Bojangles Cajun filet biscuit, or a big ‘ol Dale Earnhardt “3". People are way more proud of The Intimidator.”


So I propose this concerning all of the participation trophies scattered around the south. Seriously, they were manufactured for Daughters of the Confederacy during the Jim Crow era.

 Let’s get rid of the confederate generals and replace them with Dale Earnhardt, Colonel Sanders, and Ric Flair.

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