A BMW that needs work?!

Chuggin like an old diesel engine. Im confident its the ignition coils. Original plugs and coils after 157,000 miles! Poor BMW never had maintenance. Thought it was the fuel filter, but its not. Fuel PSI is 70 and doesnt drop, so I dont see it can be a bad fuel pump.

Very hard to start in the morning. I can unplug three spark plug coils and the engine sounds the same, garage smelled of unburnt gas (before unplugging coils). Then when it warms up I plug it back in and eventually starts running better... most of the time. Have new parts coming in soon. Hope to get it fixed.

Do have an engine light, but my code reader doesnt like BMW, yeah me either :)


Did the little secret menu thingy and theres a diagnostic menu, but I cant find anyway to activate it. Only useful stuff is the instrument cluster test, fuel level sensors, RPM, and coolant.