All the driving-related stuff that irritates me.

  1. If I’m stopped at an intersection on an incline, don’t pull up right behind me. Even though I drive an automatic, I will roll back, thanks to GRAVITY!! Don’t get mad if my car hits your car.
  2. Relating to the first one, if I start pulling forward a little bit, don’t see that as an opportunity to fill the gap by continuously pulling closer to me. No, the line won’t progress faster the closer you are to my groceries, and I just don’t want to be rear-ended by a moron.
  3. Holy shit don’t weave through the traffic doing 30MPH over the speed limit. Someone in a yellow Honda Fit was doing this recently. We wound up stopped at the same intersections at the same times. Ironic, no?
  4. Maybe take consideration to traffic that has the right of way? For god sakes, you have the stop sign, I DON’T!! Don’t turn on to my road, I almost hit you, moron.