Beyond everything else about my Mustang, I’ve been impressed with just how convenient it is.

See, I’m not really used to a project that just starts and drives. My Jaguar was always a process: the battery often went flat, the tires leaked, and at the end I couldn’t run it long because it overcharged the alternator.

The Corvair was pretty good, though it needed a carb rebuild and needed to be feathered for a minute or two before it would idle. It also never got to live in the garage because of the Jag...when I sold it, I thought maybe I had sold the wrong car.

Turns out I was right. The Corvair, despite being 15 years older, was much more usable and reliable. The Mustang is similar in that way, it just starts and runs and drives. It isn’t a hassle.

When I need to do something else in the garage, I start the car and drive it out. If its raining? That’s cool, the Mustang doesn’t leak. When I’m done, the car goes back inside. And if I can’t find my keys (like this morning), I just pop it into neutral and push.

Basically, the Mustang has been a model citizen so far. It’s getting registered on Wednesday, and is just generally a halfway decent car. I quite like it.