One thing I loved about all of the German cars I’ve had over the decades was the fact that, if the engine didn’t start, you had to turn the key back to try it again (except the W210 because that had that cool system where you just begin the start process and the car cranks as long as necessary by itself until it starts). This saves damage to the starter by not engaging it with an engine running. On many other cars, none I’ve owned, you could crank the starter on a running engine and hear that godawful grinding sound of starter trying to engage on a running engine - ouch.

Last night, whilst feeling sick and just wanting to get home, I thought the Mazda didn’t start so I cranked the key again, and at the same time noticed that the engine did actually start. I didn’t turn the key back like I usually do, and what surprised me was that there was no grinding noise. I guess the car is smart enough not to engage the starter with a running! I tried it a few times, and sure enough, it didn’t let me do anything stupid. Maybe other cars have this feature, and have had it for some time, but this is the first time I’ve ever encountered it. Thanks Mazda!