A Correspondence with Blipshift

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I sent an FB message to Blipshift regarding a curiosity:

Dear Incredible Blipshift,

Your shirts are awesome. I see them on Jalopnik all the time. I want most, if not all, of them. But due to my freakishly long torso, like most shirts I find online, I can't get them in my size of large-tall. Any chance you guys will be offering sizes for weirdly-shaped humans at some point?


Hopefully hooning, Andy

I didn't hear back from them, so I wondered if they were ignoring it or too busy. Nope.


Dear More Incredible Andy,

The Blipshift IT department sincerely apologizes for the delay in response to your inquiry. We thought* we had responded to you last week as a message was sent, but this message must have been intercepted by the dark ninja message interceptor team. In checking back, we see it never went through. Because of this, the BS IT department now has a sad.


Any-who, we greatly appreciate your feedback! While we don't have immediate plans to offer Large-tall sizes, we are constantly looking to improve our product offering. Your feedback will be provided to our product dev team and we'll make sure that they take your words into consideration as they evaluate other shirts. In the mean time, ninja training has begun for Team Blipshift.

Hai, -Team Blipshift

Predictably cool. It's a bummer about tall sizes, but perhaps if some other owners of similarly strange torsos also submitted their pleas, we could someday get LT added to the sizing chart. Still, the message cracked me up. What a clever, fun business. Cheers, Blipshift.


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