To the fine folks at whoever happened to own Jeep when these decisions and actions were made.

A hearty fuck you to whoever decided to use a throw out bearing made of paper machete, thus necessitating a clutch job at under 100k miles.

Another fuck you is reserved for the asshole who designed the exhaust to cross over directly under the tranny, not only requiring a special tool in order to drain the transmission, but necessitating dropping the entire exhaust in order to swap the clutch.


I send a third fuck you to the schmuck who tucked the O2 sensor plugs (all four of them) up under firewalls and above the transmission. May you rot in hell.

I shalt wish another fuck upon the dumb motherfucker that used both SAE and metric bolts to attach my driveshafts to the transfer case. What an asshole.

And a final fuck you to myself, for buying a goddamn Jeep.

New clutch parts for your time.

Illustration for article titled A couple of New Years “Fuck Yous”

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