What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

Rather than starting a bunch of different posts, I thought I’d throw a few random thoughts/questions under one:

  • f86Sabre - thanks for starting that recipe thread. Lots of fun stuff there. I might have to try that chocolate cake recipe. I think I’m about the only guy I know who owned a Bundt pan before I got married (or even before I met my future wife). It’s been far too long since I’ve used it.
  • I’m looking for recommendations for a cheap tablet for my kids to watch Netflix on. (Yes, I know, I know... I’m probably a terrible parent for it). They currently use an old Android phone which is slowly failing to charge. The other one is a Samsung tablet that is pushing 6-7 years old, and hasn’t had Android updates in a very long time. The price is right on the Amazon Fire tablets, but I worry that it’ll be the next thing that Amazon ditches support for in their never ending ADHD-fueled quest for profits.
  • I’m looking for movie recommendations for something cyberpunk-ish that isn’t rated R. It seems like there aren’t many out there. I miss watching movies from the 1980s when special effects weren’t terrible CG. As kids we had a few movies taped from TV (e.g.: Total Recall). They were definitely edited for TV, and I don’t really care for a lot of gore/violence/sex. This has definitely hampered by attempts at finding something to watch. Recommendations are welcome.
  • I’m taking the van in to get the rear main seal, steering rack, and power steering pump changed on Monday. This will be by far the most expensive repair job I’ve ever had to endure. It kills me, because it’s like 10% the cost of buying a brand new Tesla Model 3. Part of me is dying inside. The other part is telling myself that we’ll get another 7 years out of the van, then proceed to get something else then. (Hopefully by then we’ll have the house paid off and some other money set aside for buying a new (to us) vehicle for Mrs. Baconsandwich.

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