A Couple of Reasons Why J. Westbrook is Correct RE: 2019 Ram Hellcat

Look at this picture. See that “7:07” stamped on the infotainment center? Of course you do. This is the picture from Westbrook’s article about the 2019 Ram Rebel possibly coming with the ego-enlarging Hellcat engine (for the record, I’d sure as shit buy one if it had that power plant). But he missed two other glaring clues.

We all see the time as “7:07”, but there’s NO REASON WHY IT SHOULD BE THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE. Look at the left side of the screen and you have a completely different time, 10:58. Combine that with the trip info, subtract a 3 hour time difference for EST vs PST (Toledo, OH to Los Angeles), and you have a correct calculation. It’s an average of just under 70 mph, for anyone wanting to dig into the numbers deeper. Therefore, the 7:07 has absolutely no other reason to be displayed.


Now for the second clue. Take a look at this picture of a normal 2018 Ram speedometer:

You see how the 80 mph mark is at the top of the dial? Now take a look at the featured pic of the 2019 Ram Rebel:


Now, 90 mph is at the top of the dial. With the hint of the fuel gauge poking there at the bottom right of the speedometer, my guess is that the numbers don’t stop until it hits 140 or 150 mph. That tells me that this off-road rig has a bigger engine, capable of far more than a normal 5.7 Liter Hemi. Admittedly, this last clue is less convincing, but it’s still a clue nonetheless.

If this beast indeed comes with the fire-breathing Hellcat engine, count me in as someone willing to get an ego boost from owning one.

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