Choice #1

(The ads are in Croatian, sorry. You can look at the pictures I guess.

This very yellow example with fantastic upholstery. It’s a United colors of Benetton edition, which means absolutely nothing.

I fell in love with those seats and how clean it is. One hubcap is different but I’ll change the wheels or remove them all anyway (hubcaps, not the wheels. I think I’ll need the wheels). It has a couple of the extras, too, and it’s the facelifted, post 1998 model I want.


The price for this one is a bit higher than the rest but it’s in perfect shape, it has all the extras and that fantastic upholstery. The downside is that it’s in the next city, about an hour drive from me. Here that’s quite a long way to drive, which I know might baffle some of you Yanks. Anyway that means that I can’t make it to my mechanic and back. I really want to do this right, so whatever I go for I’ll take it to a mechanic to have him take a look at it on a lift before I buy it.

Choice #2


This one has the correct 1.2 16v 75HP engine I’m looking for (as opposed to the lesser 1.2 8 valve which has about 15-20HP less, but gets the same MPG).

The problem with the Twingo having 2 engines and both being a 1.2 liter, btw, is that people are fucking stupid. Barely anyone who is selling this car ever mentions if it’s an 8v or a 16v, so you’re left guessing or you have to call and ask, and a lot of the times they just don’t know. The HP figures on the ads are bullshit anyways, so they’re of no help. I have no idea if the engines look different, or at least I haven’t been able to spot the difference in pictures.

This example has ALL the options (electric windows and mirrors, remote central locking, and AC - which is a big deal).


The wheels look janky on this one, it has a few dents, the headlights are hazy and the interior is an ugly color scheme, but those are the only problems I spotted, which are compromises I’m willing to make. I’d actually love to try and polish the headlights myself and learn how to deal with the dings and scratches. I can take off the worn plastic bumper and repaint it in black, or even a different color. The upholstery can be a long-term project.

Choice #3


Basically the same as #2 but with less damage. The downside is that I’m not sure if it has the 16v engine. I’ll call tomorrow and check. It also has all the options and shit, AND it’s registered and insured for a year, too.

It took me 2 minutes to figure out how to spell tomorrow.
Tommorrow. Tommorow. Tommmororroww.

Choice #4


Significantly cheaper than the others, super clean and well taken care of. It has the older, non-airbag steering wheel which makes it easier to make the choice to spring for an aftermarket wheel. Like a nice three spoke alcantara Momo or a wooden rim Nardi knock-off.

However this car is a bit older, with zero extras and with the weaker engine. I dunno, I’m thinking since I’m already spending some money on this I might as well give a bit more to have the real deal.

This is gonna be my first car, after all...

Suspiciously cheap bonus choice which would either kill me or my wallet with the fuel and repairs.


Should I be so picky about the engine or do you think that it doesn’t matter as much? And do you think I’m naive when it comes to doing the minor repairs myself?

Thanks for tuning in. I’d love to hear what you think. Updates next week.