I'm not the happiest person ever, and as everyone I had my negative experiences too (the heck I'm telling about them all, though).

Moreover I'm not a young'un anymore and this means that I had a LOT more bad experiences that the average you. This said, I'm still here and I have all the intentions of extending my stay more, and for a long, long time. I'd cheat if I should say that I never got the idea of taking an anticipated leave, but I refrained from that thanks to the following two principles, that became my mottos and ruled my life, ever since that fateful evening in my fourth year of high school, when a cute blonde named Dani refused to be my girlfriend, choosing instead a doped (we learned that later), fascinating idiot:

1) "Nemo Me Impune Lacessit". Of this I became aware when I was 12, and my mom made me read "20 thousand leagues under the sea" by Jules Verne. Capt. Nemo had his dose of ill fortunes and was initially mistreated as well, till he decided "no more of this shit", and he made dearly pay those who only tried to smash his nuts. This I tried to do ever since, and still do.

2) "No One Without A Reasonable Cause, Has The Right To Spoil My Peace". This quite self-explains itself. I strongly suggest it to everyone. Fuck all those who try to sadden me.

Thanks for your attention, and best wishes to you all.