We generally BS aboot and get our survival on. But somewhere in all that.

Fort Oppo popped up.

Fort Oppo is a self sustaining community of up to 9 Opponauts (one per house. Multiply by however many beds you feel like sharing your room with) With access to food and water on site, combined with a large mine to pillage the earth of its natural resources, life is grand in this stone fortress


All of the building was done by me, but it was with several others that we took the time to harvest all the resources to build this place up brick by brick. I'm sure you've seen more impressive creations, but many pixelated deaths occurred to get this where it is.


Such amenities include, an observatory of the natural surroundings

- War Room; for all your fighting and killing needs

-Treasure Room; for the finer things in life

-A super efficient smelting room

-Storage; for storage

- A field; gotta grow em all

- Library; Books rule. And are magic


- Nether portal; go to hell

- Oppo Town: Peeps gotta live somewhere

- Mine/ Enormous dungeon; need them resources, hate them mobs


That's a basic nutshell. Minecraft is still a hell ofa good sandbox game. And it's even more fun with friends. Yay friends

TL;DR: I built shit with other people from Oppo. Whoo.