My Challengerā€™s motor, at precisely 4,000 RPM, goes from sounding good to sounding heavenly. Unfortunately, thatā€™s where the Park/Neutral rev limiter is. So, to make some really good noises without breaking the 0 mph speed limit,

1. Is it safe to raise my rev limiter in park/neutral from 4,000 to 5,800? (how to do so is next) I know, throwing a rod, but the 5.7 HEMI is a very reliable motor, probably as much as the small-block Chevy. And the SBCs can rev in park up to 6,000 all day...(or can they?) Just keep in mind that I would never simply hammer on it all day. Maybe once a month Iā€™d take it on up there.

2. If the answer to the previous question is yes, is it possible to do so without spending $600 on a tuner? Like, a dealer reprograms the ECU? I couldnā€™t care less about air/fuel ratios or increased power.

I have a possible solution: Not the most convenient, but I could raise up the back wheels on a jack, put it in drive, and let ā€˜er rip. This might be dangerous, since the car could rock itself off the jack while revving and crash down, damaging who knows what.


EDIT: I look back on this and it looks stupid now.